HMS Victory & Portsmouth Dockyards

Obviously, everyone is aware that Great Britain once had a great empire and it’s wealth and trade was all built by The Royal Navy.  The Royal Navy, at first, protected us from invaders before expanding its role around the world right up to today.  If there is one naval battle which is remembered around the world then it is The Battle of Trafalgar. It saw a mighty victory gained but at the loss of our most famous sailor, Admiral Nelson. The HMS Victory & Portsmouth Dockyards tour is your chance to see it all on a day tour from London.

See HMS Victory, the flagship of Admiral Nelson and the oldest commissioned warship in the world!

Flag Ship of Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar  HMS Victory & Historic Portsmouth Dockyards

Our visit to Portsmouth on the South Coast is centred upon Nelsons flagship.  We will explore his ship from top to bottom and experience the life of a 19th Century sailor in the Napoleonic wars on the first modern navy ship, in fact, HMS Victory is the world oldest commissioned war warship.  There is a brass plaque that marks the spot where Nelson was slain. However, it’s worth going deep into the ship to see the cramped operating theatre.

Explore the amazing Mary Rose artefacts in the worlds biggest airlock that houses the Mary Rose, brought up after spending centuries on the sea bed.

HMS Victory is just one of many highlights of Portsmouth Harbour.  The Mary Rose was the flagship of King Henry VIII. Tragically it sank with all hands on board just outside Portsmouth Harbour.  It remained on the seabed until the 1980’s but it has now been salvaged along with a wealth of items from its stores and sailors.  Other attractions include HMS Warrior, the first Ironclad vessel and the Naval Museum.  A tour of Portsmouth Harbour is often interesting if you have your sea legs on you as Portsmouth Harbour remains one of the Royal Navy’s principal ports so whatever navy ship is present, you’ll see it.

Finally, why not admire the views from the top of Spinnaker Tower or sit at one of the old pubs that have served sailors for centuries and try some fresh fish and chips. If you prefer the RAF to the Royal Navy then why not check out our RAF Hendon Museum Tour.

The tour of Portsmout Harbour has different ships every day.

Departure Time:7.30am
City Location: Portsmouth
Duration of Tour: 9 hours
(Approximate times as all tours are bespoke)

How to book the HMS Victory & Portsmouth Dockyards Tour

Adult Prices per person including entry fees (child prices available upon request).

1 Adult = £350

2 Adults = £275

3 Adults = £240

4 Adults = £220

For more information or to make a booking, please email

Alternatively you can book by using the automated booking process with Viator below.

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