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To make a booking or to find out more information please contact Ye Olde England Tours by e-mail below.

Don’t be a stranger, we don’t bite… well not unless we are in Borough Market… The largest food market in the world Then we might do but it’s part of the job! We’ve been doing tour private tours since 2012. The first in London that do tours this way and now half the planet has tried to copy us.

Our website has dozens of private tours that we can run just for you and your family and friends. If you want something even more unique or just want to ask us some questions or get ideas then just drop us an email. We don’t really do telephone inquiries though you get our number when you’ve booked. That’s because when we are on tour, we give our full attention to the lovely tourist who has spent their hard earned money or a very special day.

Contact Us

It may be a little annoying but when you’re on our tour we swear you won’t even see our phones… Unlike the bored looking ‘guides’ doing group tours who spend more time staring at their Socials than doing their job. Also emails allow us to answer back properly, giving you the attention you deserve. So email us for anything at….

Email us!


You can also Contact us for an inquiry or booking request by filling out the form below and we’ll get right back to you.

If I had a penny for helping out people way beyond the call of duty and even just mapping out strangers holidays who don’t even pretend to want to book with us then I’d have about 500 pennies by now. £5 or a fiver… Lady Gadiver as the cockney rhyming slang goes but I digress…. CONTACT US!


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