London Green Tourism – Tips for Green Tourism

We know London is a big, busy and at times dirty city but we’re all working hard to change that. If you’d like to be a good guest 🙂 then think about the following and help London Green Tourism.

The myth is that London is a wet city; it’s not.  It receives less rain than Paris, New York, Rome, Istanbul, Dallas.  Please be mindful of our precious water.

Speaking of water, like everywhere else in the U.K. London tap water is very drinkable.  If you feel the need to carry a drink with you, try and use a recyclable container. Alternatively make use of the many free and new water fountains throughout the city.  There is even a website you can visit and also an App.

Ye Olde England Tours is certified by Green Tourism. We are accredited for London Green Tourism.

Travel by Public Transport, it’s quicker, cheaper and good for London Green Tourism

Despite or because of the traffic, most people don’t use cars in London.  Save time, money and the planet by using the fantastic electric London buses. O try the Londonr Underground that run up to every minute in peak times!  Get an Oyster Card or if your bank card has a microchip for contactless payment in it, that should work too.   Every station has maps and members of staff to help. There are great apps to download or try the website at

London is the worlds first National Park City and the central part at least is almost totally flat.  Try hiring a Santander Bike, there are docking stations for miles all around Central London. Use them to explore the great parks, rivers, canals and forests of London. London Green Tourism is growing and Ye Olde England Tours have been there since the start.

Be ethical and support local shops, pubs, cafes, restaurants and markets

When out and about in London try make use of the many local and independent shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs and markets that this amazing city has.  If you see an establishment name you recognise from home, try something different, try something London… that’s why you came 🙂  You’re rarely more than a few minutes walk from somewhere quirky, unique and cool. Plus your money will go directly to people who really need it and support local families, skills and produce.  The owners will love you for it and go the extra mile for you rather than treat you as just another customer whose money goes to shareholders who-knows where.

Finally London is an incredibly clean and tidy city for its size, hardly any graffiti or litter. Discarding any rubbish or trash on the street carries a £100 fine. So just carry it back to a bin and help to Keep Britain Tidy.     As the saying goes, take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time 🙂

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