Stanmore Walking Tour

I created the Stanmore Walking Tour during Covid as it is actually pretty much where I live and it is both very rich in history but also green and spacious which is extra good these days.  So this tour is perfect for both local Londoners who want a few hours out of the house and away from the crowds but also for foreign visitors who want just a taste of the beautiful English countryside, see some picturesque village scenes and to get away from the hurly burly of London.

Did Queen Boudicca drink here?
Did Queen Boudicca drink here?

From the Ancient Britons and then the Romans

Stanmore is right at the edge of London and this area has been important for thousands of years.  In fact though this tour is very laid back, it probably covers a wider period of time than any other London tour starting way before the Romans and finishing in the modern day.

Stanmore obelisk
Victory over the Romans!

As you’ll see, this tour has something for everything.  We will visit Grim’s Dyke, an ancient British earthworks from before Roman times and visit a battlefield where the heroic King Cassivellaunus defeated the Romans and whose elder brother is said by some to have founded London itself. Also we will visit locations  presumed connections with our warrior Queen Boudica. Speaking of Romans we will visit the picturesque Caesars Pond.

To ruins and explorers our Stanmore Walking Tour has it all

We’ll learn about some of the big names who have lived here in the last century or two including Prime Minister Clement Attlee, the country hall of an enthusiastic hot air ballooner who went on to found BP.  We will visit the last resting place of a famous Victoria dramatist and see what is said to be the finest ruin in Middlesex (North London) and see the home of Charles Fortnum…. you may have visited his famous shop and hear about a heroic Edwardian exploring who died with Captain Scott at Antartica.

W S Gilbert grave
A beautiful grave infant of a fascinating ruin

And not forgetting WW2

There are knights, highwaymen and the oldest oak in London on the way with the chance to explore an old WW2 Pillbox which is just outside old Bentley Priory… a place that was once a religious priory, then a Royal Palace and latterly the home to RAF Fighter Command during the epic Battle of Britain.

Bentley Priory Pillbox hint at the importance of this place in WW2 on our Stanmore Tour.
A WW2 Pillbox with the entrance at the back.

The top end of Stanmore is just about the highest spot in London. At around 500 feet and on a fine day we get a great view over the famous London landmarks. On a good day we can see as 30-40 miles towards.

This isn’t your usual tour but then few of ours are.  Although some parts do go through woods and by lakes and a little is off paved walkways but everything can be changed as we go along and there are ample places to sit down if needed.  You won’t believe that you’re in London!

Departure Time:10.30 am
City Location: Stanmore, London
Duration of Tour: 3 hours

How to book the Stanmore Walking Tour

Meeting Place: Just outside Stanmore Station (Jubilee Line) and London Buses 142, 324 and 340.

(Approximate times as all tours are bespoke)

Standard Adult Prices per person excluding entry fees (child prices available upon request).

1 Adult = £60

2 Adults = £50

3 Adults = £40

4 Adults = £35

5 – 10 Adults = £30

For more information or to make a booking, please email

Alternatively you can book by using the automated booking process with Viator below.

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The Master Oak in our Stanmore Walking Tour
The Master Oak – too big for one photo!
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