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We have over 75 pre-set private and personal tours. In fact we pioneered the whole concept of them back in 2012. All were 100% unique and original when we created them. We are the inspiration for countless poor imitation trips in London and across the U.K. For ease of use, the tour listings are split between those inside London and those outside of London.  

We now also offer day trips of the beautiful and ancient city of York as well as a number of excursions from the city in and around Yorkshire.   We also operate in and around the Lake District as well as Edinburgh, Scotland. Next year we will be hugely expanding upon our experiences in Newcastle and Northumberland as well to Rutland and Lincolnshire.

Our Tours

What makes Our Tours Special is YOU!

When we started, the big travel companies tried to throw us off certain big travel websites because our approach was and remains so revolutionary and special. Find out why we led the private tour revolution in London and across the U.K. It’s because we put you first and treat you as family.

We get told constantly we should put our prices up or should change this or that or being more business-minded and hard-headed but it’s who we are. We love our job and we love you, our guests. Come and experience a taste of real England with people who write books, not just carry round other peoples notes on their phone. We promise not to order any one around or message friends on our phone while trudging around with an umbrella looking bored. If you don’t think about sending your guide a Facebook friends request after the tour then we’d be surprised.

Our Tours are recommended across the board on the biggest travel websites.

Please click on the map below to be taken to the individual pages or select from the list above.  London Tours can be accessed by clicking on London! 

Private Pilgrimage to the Holy Shrines at Walsingham WW1 Private Guided Tour to The Somme and Ypres Canterbury Cathedral and Shrine of Thomas Becket Bath - The Roman Baths, Royal Crescent and Bath Abbey Warwick Castle Stratford Upon Avon - For All Things William Shakespeare Portsmouth Historic Docks - HMS Victory, Mary Rose & Much More! Chortle House - Home of Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill Windsor Castle and Windsor Old Town - Weekend Home of The Queen Blenheim Palace - Birthplace of Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill Beautiful Cambridge and the magnificent nearby Ely Cathedral Oxford - City of Dreaming Spires Hatfield House - Home of Queen Elizabeth I Knebworth House - Private Country Estate and home of Batman! Woburn Abbey - Home of the Duke of Bedford Waddesdon Manor - Country Estate of the Rothschild Family Roman City of St. Albans Hughendon Manor - Home of Legendary Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli Rochester & Chatham - Castles, Cathedral & all things Charles Dickens! Our unique Private Guided Tours of London - Click to see! Salisbury Cathedral+Stonehenge - Tallest Cathedral & Home to The Magna Carta Lackock Abbey and the Cotswold Village of Lacock and much more!


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  4. Took your video tour of London today, and was very impressed, with your knowledge, and the excellent way you presented the area. Brought back memories when I saw Barts Hospital, as my husband was there (from Surrey) just before receiving his heart transplant at Papworth Hospital, so it was a very emotional time – 38 years ago! Lots of extremely interesting things you pointed out, and I think it was a good £5 – worth! Would like to donate more to you, but not sure how to. Please contact me and let me know how I can donate. Joy Bell

  5. Carolina Donis - Lockwood

    Took the John Wesley tour with Kevin. It was fantastic, he was very knowledgeable and we a learned a lot. Highly recommend. David and Carolina Lockwood.

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