Our Green Philosophy

When we started Ye Olde England Tours in 2012, Green Tourism, sustainability and ethical practices are what drove us, it’s who we are. This is our Green Philosophy.

We pioneered private tours. In fact were so revolutionary were initially thrown off Trip Advisor! We were too much of a shock to the competition and vested interests!  We wanted to show the real London, England, Scotland and the rest of the U.K. You just can’t do that in a big group or as part of a large mass-tourist party.

As you will see, we have dozens of walking tours that are 100% sustainable. We even travel to meet you using the famous London Underground buses and the occasional bike or e-scooter.

Many have tried to copy some of our tours. Sadly they don’t do it with our heart and commitment or indeed enthusiasm and expertise.  We also have quite a range of green related tours that cover the Royal Parks, Canals and waterways, the River Thames, woodlands and lakes Our Sacred Secret Gardens Walking Tour that has been listed as the top authentic off-beat London attraction by Trip Advisor / Viator. It’s also led to a #1 travel book and a travel feature in the Independent Newspaper.

Secret Gardens Viator number 1
Our Secret Gardens of the City of London is the most recommended hidden London experience!

Our Green Philosophy isn’t a box checking exercise, we wrote the book on it!

In fact our founder Stephen Liddell even has a book coming out based on this hugely successful tour. He has had several environmental articles published in popular and academic publications.

Secret Gardens of the City of London   Our Green Philosophy

With our Green Philosophy we shun the big chains and corporations. Touring with us you will discover local and independent museums, cafes. Not forgetting our famous pubs and the traditional markets. We even have a tour of some of the great London Cemeteries . Visit the resting places of some of the great figures of history all amongst the fading grandeur and naturally rich habitats that make them some of the most peaceful and beautiful parts of London.

Similarly on our day tours out of London though we go to the big sites like everyone else (and in a much more easy-going and authentic manner) we specialise in going off the beaten track; that’s what makes us so unique and pioneering and we try and ensure we help the local communities wherever we go.  Come with us to Portsmouth and have some of the best fish and chips.  Visit Walsingham on a Pilgrimage and you’d be mad not to try out the local farm shop.  Spend a day exploring stone-circles or picturesque villages. Visit small little cafe’s and local craft shops such as bakers. Maybe hand-made local pottery at Lacock. You have the bonus of knowing anything you buy helps local crafts and businesses flourish in places the big tour groups don’t even try to go.

Ye Olde England Tours is independently certified by Green Tourism

We think our tours speak for themselves but we’re always striving to be greener. We’re proud to be members of and certified by Green Tourism.   What others find problematic or not profitable is actually central to our business. We think that’s why we do so well.  In 2019, we even extended many of our walking tours in London just so that interested visitors could spend time at the Extinction Rebellion sit-down protests.  For centuries London led the world in pollution and heavy industry. We cover these in some of our tours but now London is the worlds first National Park City. We want to share our beautiful green city and country to the world. But in a way that doesn’t impact on all our futures.

With Ye Olde England Tours, having a great day out needn’t cost the Earth!

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