St Pauls to Farringdon Tour

We originally did this ST Pauls to Farringdon Tour to raise money for charity during the peak of the Coronavirus epidemic. The tour is just over 1 hour long and costs £5 offering a taste of these ancient districts inside the City of London which most tourists or even Londoners ever get to see. Our other tours will be filmed using specialist industry equipment!

This tour starts at St Pauls Cathedral and visits amongst other Little Britain, the beautiful but solemn Postmans Park and the Victorian Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice. We’ll see a bombed out church from The Blitz, memorials to the Great Fire of London and infamous executions before heading through Smithfield Market and on into Farringdon.

This is a great way to spend an hour or so seeing a very old and unvisited part of London with some of the famous nice bits and some medieval and Victorian gore to spice things up. Really it’s just a nice old history walk.

One of the hidden jewels of West Smithfield in our St Pauls to Farringdon Tour

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