WW2 London Blitz Tour

From 7th September 1940 to 11th May 1941, London suffered under continual aerial bombardment from the German Luftwaffe the like of which the world had never before seen and fortunately rarely has since.  It was known as The Blitz and the face of London was changed forever as well as the character of Londoners too.


Whilst much has changed in the intervening years, there are still reminders of these dark days. Join us on this very special private tour which will take you to places that big group and bus tours could never hope to go.



The ruined, bombed out Christ Church

Rather than visit the big name sites that everyone knows, this tour will take us to some of the monuments that remind us of the heroics of the defenders and civilians of London as well as to see some of the rare ruins that remain right in the middle of London.

Remembering the firefighters of The Blitz

Remembering the firefighters of The Blitz

We will also visit the outside of a deep earth bunker that saw much of the planning for D-Day made within its lair and the more modest entrance to a public air-raid shelter in Westminster.

If The Blitz had led to the planned invasion of Britain, there was a series of defences ready to meet the might of the Third Reich and we will see on of the last remaining Pillbox as well as visiting the location and memorial of one of the worst disasters of The Blitz at Bethnall Green.

WW2 Pill Box complete with machine gun loop holes.

WW2 Pill Box complete with machine gun loop holes.

Finally we will finish the tour at the only remaining and fully restored Ack Ack or AA gun in London and possibly the U.K.


An Ack Ack gun defending the East London docks from the Luftwaffe

An Ack Ack gun defending the East London docks from the Luftwaffe

Departure Time:10 am
City Location: London
Duration of Tour: 3 hours
(Approximate times as all tours are bespoke)

Standard Adult Prices per person excluding entry fees (child prices available upon request).

1 Adult = £140

2 Adults = £120

3 Adults = £110

4 Adults = £100

5 – 10 Adults = £90

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