Our Team

For the first 3 years, Ye Olde England Tours was entirely run and operated by myself, Stephen Liddell.  When I started the tours I could only dream that it would turn out as successful as it has done.

Hundreds of highly successful tours for over 1,000 very satisfied customers covering over 40 different tours.   Like all successful businesses, however, there comes a time when in order for the business to continue to grow and to allow myself the odd day off, it is necessary to take things to the next level.


Stephen Liddell (on the right!)

So in the third quarter of 2016 after working over 95 days out of 100 and turning away as much bookings as I accepted, the decision was made to expand the team and the scope of Ye Olde England Tours.

After going through over 600 applications, I picked the 3 very best people available.  All of them with a passion and love for tourism, history, Britain and most importantly of all, great customer service.  Whilst I will still be doing more than my fair share of tours, I now have plenty of help so let’s meet them.



Alison Lewin


Firstly we have Alison Lewin.  Alison is a star, quite literally.  She has a wealth of experience in providing guided tours not just in the U.K. but across Europe and she has an infectious bubbly personality which everyone simply loves.




Kevin Pearman

Kevin hails from London’s East-End and what he doesn’t know about London, isn’t worth knowing about.  With many years experience of visiting our national attractions and having given numerous tours around London, Kevin makes a great addition to the team.  Rumour has it, he knows all the best pubs in the East-End too.

We also have Gilly who specialises in tours to grand country houses and Nigel who can often be found across the length and breadth of Southern England.

In the back office we have Emilia who performs the sometimes less exciting but no less necessary back-office admin work, including putting together our


Emilia in HR.

It’s very important that every guide keeps up the high standard but also friendly approach that I have given to every one of my tourists and we never forget that we are lucky and honoured to be given the opportunity to show you our wonderful country as part of your very special and precious holiday time.

We are always looking for new guides and if you’re in London to work rather that sight-see then do contact us!