London James Bond Tour – Shaken not stirred!

Now pay attention 007 and don’t touch anything.  Your mission should choose to accept it is to follow in the footsteps of the world’s most famous spy and visit some of the actual locations used in some of the biggest James Bond films of all times. Join us on our private London James Bond Tour.

The Old War Office  London James Bond Tour
The Old War Office as seen in Octopussy, A View of Kill, License to Kill and Skyfall

Visit filming locations from the classic Bonds right up to No Time To Die

Not only will we visit some of the places seen in the movies but we will also see some of the most famous buildings in London if not the world.  As well experiencing some of the glamorous and not so glamorous 007 locations, we can also visit some sites that were important to Ian Fleming, the legendary creator of 007 including is home and the hotel bar where he came up with one of the most famous catchphrases in cinematic history and where actors such as Pierce Brosnan celebrated winning the part with a Martini.

On the trail of Blofeld
On the trail of Blofeld

Whether you want to see the house where James Bond lives in the upcoming Spectre film, see places from recent movies such as Skyfall, Quantum of Solace, Goldeneye, The World is Not Enough or from classics such as Her Majesty’s Secret Service, this tour is for you.

The home of 007 in Spectre London James Bond Tour
The home of James Bond in Spectre. Try not to break anything 007.

Discover some of the real life spy crimes in London.

If that isn’t enough, we will explore parts of Whitehall and the other areas relating to the Security services where behind closed doors decisions are being taken to combat terrorists whether real or fictional.   James Bond may be a glamorous vision of a spy but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and we will also stand on the spot of the most famous Cold War spy murder in history.

MI6 Building, London.  London James Bond Tour
MI6 Building, London.

Depending on the time available and your suitability for this mission, the James Bond Tours are available in two varieties.   Try not to get into any trouble 007 with The Shaken Not Stirred tour which lasts approximately 3 hours.    More experienced spies might like the Access All Areas tour lasts around 5 hours.

Whichever tour you choose is private and personalised so do try not to damage anything 007.

How to book the London James Bond Tour

Departure Time:10 am
City Location: London
Duration of Tour: 3 hours
(Approximate times as all tours are bespoke)

Adult Prices per person excluding tube tickets (child prices available upon request).

Shaken Not Stirred                                  Access All Areas

1 Adult = £140                                          £220

2 Adults = £120                                         £200

3 Adults = £110                                         £185

4 Adults = £100                                         £160

5 – 10 Adults = £90                                   £140

To make a booking please use our automated calendar booking system below or contact us via email at  If you are booking the Access All Areas Tour please let us know and we will arrange a top-up payment.

Alternatively you can book by using the automated booking process with Viator.

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