Roman Ruins, castles & Hadrians Wall

Whilst the Lake District is beautiful and picturesque to us today, 2,000 years ago it was on the very edge of the known world and under the sometimes tyrannical control of the Roman Empire.

The Romans would never have locals serving in the army and so the lucky Romans who policed this area often came from much hotter climes such as Iraq which must have come as quite a shock to them.

This private tour will take you along the edge of the known world in the comfort of a private car and with an expert local guide.

Having met you at your hotel, we will start the day by heading to the remote and slightly desolate Roman fort at Hardknott Pass.  Then it was built to safeguard a vital Roman mountain pass between the coast an inland defence at the town of Kendal and even today it must surely be amongst the most remote Roman fortresses on the planet.



Hardknott Fort – Surely one of the most remote Roman fortifications on the planet.


These days the fort is occupied by the odd hardy but harmless sheep and a few passing ramblers.  Surrounded by rugged mountains, you can imagine how much the Romans would have appreciated the old bath house here.  Even today, it isn’t the warmest of places  and so after a short stay we will head back down to the valleys and onwards to the famous Hadrians Wall, sometimes simply known as the Roman Wall.

Emperor Hadrian built the wall to cross the mainland of Great Britain at the narrowest point from the Irish Sea in the West to the North Sea in the East.  It conveniently also acted as an official border for the Roman Emperor and a protection against those lovely Scottish folk who lived further north.



The wall varies in height depending on location and how much the locals plundered it for building materials.


One of the many Milehouses and fortifications along the length of the wall


There are plenty of places to stop off along the way whether it is to walk along the wall itself or to explore some of the fascinating ruin and fortifications.



The famous Sycamore Gap as seen in the movie Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves


The scenery is quite different to the Lake District, less mountainous but somehow in many ways more rugged and wild looking with many opportunities to take incredible photos.

We will finish the day by visiting one of the fames Roman sites and museums at either Housesteads or Corbridge where you will be able to see some of the fascinating artefacts that have been uncovered in recent years and learn more about people who made the wall their home.


A Roman city near the current settlement of Corbridge.


At the end of the tour, your driver and guide will return you right back to the 21st century and your hotel having had a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life.


1 Adult = £200

2 Adults = £195

3 Adults = £190

4 Adults = £175

Departure Time:9am
City Location: Cumbria – The Lake District
Duration of Tour: 8 hours
(Approximate times as all tours are bespoke)

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