Our Team

I started Ye Olde England Tours back in 2013 with a bag full of history degrees and a growing number of published books. I was about the first private guide in Britain and have been leading the way for others to usually lamely copy ever since. For the first 3 years, Ye Olde England Tours was entirely run and operated by myself, Stephen Liddell.  When I started the tours I could only dream that it would turn out as successful as it has done.

Ye Olde England Tours have been used by many corporate organisations as well as the British government, production crews for BBC and Netflix shows, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, national and international TV news, BBC TV,  Comic Relief, BBC national and regional radio, LBC Radio, Harrods, Bloomberg TV, British and foreign military and the national newspapers but most of all by thousands of visitors from all over the world, every age and every background.

Thousands of happy customers (some who keep coming back) highly successful 5-star rated tours and we have dozens of them, 99% of which were unique and original when conceived.   Like all successful businesses, however, there comes a time when in order for the business to continue to grow and to allow myself the odd day off, it is necessary to take things to the next level.


Stephen Liddell (on the right!)

So in the third quarter of 2016 after working over 95 days out of 100 and turning away as much bookings as I accepted, the decision was made to expand the team and the scope of Ye Olde England Tours.

After going through over 1000 applications, I picked the some of the very best people available and have been building up a growing team ever since.  All of them with a passion and love for tourism, history, Britain and most importantly of all, great customer service.  Whilst I will still be doing more than my fair share of tours, I now have plenty of help so let’s meet them.


Kevin Pearman

Kevin hails from London’s East-End and what he doesn’t know about London, isn’t worth knowing about.  With many years experience of visiting our national attractions and having given numerous tours around London, Kevin makes a great addition to the team. Rumour has it, he knows all the best pubs in the East-End too.

We also have Nigel, who has been working as a both a walking guide and a driver-guide for some 4 years now bot in London and to places such as Bath, Stonehenge and Canterbury.

Next up is Marty who particularly loves all things Churchill  as well as London history in general.  He is also partial to a bit of the Royal Navy down in Portsmouth, good old WIlliam Shakespeare in Stratford Upon Avon and made more day trips to Glastonbury than is probably good for anyone.

There is no-one more of an English gentleman than Richard.  A legitimate member of the aristocracy with a famous family.  One time book editor student at Eton, under the battlements of Windsor Castle.  Like Nigel, can speak several languages.

Dewi is from beautiful Wales and has done all manner of London Tours.  He also has some theatrical background and can add a bit of drama to Sherlock, Harry Potter or indeed our West End Tour amongst other things.

Andy has been doing all of our tours in and around Edinburgh for 3 years and what he doesn’t know about Scottish history isn’t worth knowing.  Andy is also a world-leading motivational speaker so it is more than likely that whatever tour you go on with him, you’ll end up enjoying the buzz.

One of our longest standing guides is Alex who we were thrilled to have join us as he really knows his stuff seeing he has also worked in one of the finest museums in London for some years.   Alex also speaks perfect Greek.

Ryan hails from sunny Glasgow but has lived in London for over a decade and is a particular fan of Sherlock Holmes and living in Camden know his way around the fabulous market like no-one else.

Mark is something of a craftsman, and lives between London and Oxford which makes him a great choice for trips to that beautiful University City or further on to beautiful Wiltshire and the Cotswolds beyond.

Stephen that’s me.  I’ve been touring for 7 years now, so long that I was on Viator and Trip Advisor before everyone was allowed on it.  I haven’t had a day off for 7 years so I must love my job.  I still love meeting new people every day and lots of returning travellers and referrals too.  Though I know London like the back of my hand, I still find something new almost every day and really enjoy creating even more new and unique tours.  I have two history degrees, a published historian and hired & consulted by such prestigious organisations such as the BBC, Comic Relief, Netflix, Bloomberg, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and various tv news organisations, corporate groups, education facilities, magazines and newspapers.   I don’t do tours for the money but to show everyone the places I love. I don’t have customers, I have people from around the world who become friends and family.

In the back office we have Emilia who performs the sometimes less exciting but no less necessary back-office admin work including finding some great guides.


Emilia in HR.

It’s very important that every guide keeps up the high standard but also friendly approach that I have given to every one of my tourists and we never forget that we are lucky and honoured to be given the opportunity to show you our wonderful country as part of your very special and precious holiday time.

We are always looking for new guides and if you’re in London to work rather that sight-see then do contact us!